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Introduced to Reserve Fruit Blend by Jeunesse by friend

After spending 4 days in the ward I was discharged.  I tried to get some vitamin D by taking short walk at the park as it helps to lower BP but can’t really walk too much as I was weaken by the blood lost. Nonetheless the little time spent at the park did refresh me.

I have a cartoon of Reserve at home which I bought sometime back but I did not consume. Being encouraged by my mum I started taking it. Reserve was introduced to me by a friend who claims it can lower BP and increase energy level and slows aging. I was initially very skeptical about about such MLM product.

Reserve is a product under the brand Jeunesse which focus on anti-aging. What has anti-aging got to do with lowering BP and increase energy? According to my friend this company is totally committed to completeness of youth. To them being young is not about looking good outside. Still remember when we were young  we used to hang out late, overnight and still able to go to work the next day? Well try to do it now it’ll take us at least 2 days to recover hehe.

Reserve is made of many fruits mainly the red pigment from grape which you get resveratrol and cherry.   Resveratrol is good for the heart and your skin. So what Jeunesse believe in is you should be healthy to begin with. When you are healthy inside you will look good outside.

Each carton contains 30 packs.



This is how it looks like. It has a very smooth texture. And it taste great too!



after 2 more a&e finally warded

All the results show normal. Was discharged. The following day bled again this time it lasted even longer so to the A&E again.
There were so many people that I waited for almost an hour before being examined by doctors (trainee)
This time was given an appointment to the ENT (Ear,Nose,Throat).

Went for the ENT checkup and was told I had an inflammation and given antibiotics after they looked into my nose with a flexible camera.
Trust me that was not the most present experience.

Everything was fine until I returned home and the bleeding started again. This time was much worst. Oh no, have to go A&E again. Since the waiting time was so long at that hospital (nearly 3 hours), I went to AH.

Upon arrival the doc and a few nurses tried to stop my bleeding but nothing they did was able to stop it. Then they inserted 2 10cm long
pad cotton in to my nose to block the bleeding. I can tell you this is by far the most horrible feeling I ever had in my life.

They also discovered my blood pressure shoots up to 160 systolic and 110 diastolic.


I was warded the next morning. The doctors suspected my high BP may be preventing bleeding from stopping and Was given BP drugs and antibiotics by drip. By now I’ve been bleeding for 24 hours.

True enough as soon as my BP comes down my bleeding stopped.


1st day of 2015

Just like any other people I look forward to 2015 with lots of hope. There were a few plans in the pipeline.
Looking back at 2014 I am glad to have achieved a few goals I set 2013.

2014 introduced many new challenges to my life (like a new job) So with all these excitements I look forward to 2015 to continue
with what I’ve been working on and to do them better.

However nothing prepares me with what was about to greet me on the 1st day of 2015.

On last day of last year I had a nose bleed. Though I’d never have a nose bleed for the passed 20 years I was not too bothered about it, passing it off as being heaty.
The following day I had another nose bleed and it lasted for almost an hour. Alarmed at the amount of bloodI am losing I went to A&E.

On the 1st day of 2015 I went to A&E for an hour-long nose bleed.

20150101_183822 copy

They put me through the standard batteries of test: X-ray, blood, ECG …

20150101_183822 copy 2